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"At Bennett Capital Group I strive to help clients achieve their dream of home ownership and financial freedom. We provide the White Glove Service for our mortgage clients to give them a stress-free and smooth closing process.”

Paul Thornton


I am a respected Mortgage Professional with demonstrated expertise in sales and mortgage underwriting. I have a proven track record with 11 years in the industry.  My position advised clients and brokers on the mortgage process while structuring mortgage files to fit lender policies. This is something that allows us to know the lender's underwriting policies and gather documents accordingly, upfront.

Portrait of Paul Thornton

During my career, I have applied my proven expertise and ongoing professional development to meet and exceed all objectives.


In my most recent role as Mortgage Specialist with a top Lender, I was responsible for managing new and existing mortgage clients including ports, refinances, title changes, and purchases.  


My expert customer-friendly service was provided to new and existing mortgage clients including renewals, ports, refinances, title changes, and purchases.  I enjoyed advising and educating clients on the best mortgage product based on their individual financial circumstances and plans for the future.

I have worked as an Underwriter and External Auditor for another large lender, previously.  While underwriting I got experience negotiating, structuring, and evaluating prime mortgage applications while partnering with brokers from across Canada. I analyzed the client’s overall risk by reviewing the employment and financial history, and verifying income, assets, debts, and property details in order to issue final approvals.


I have sat behind the desk that approved and audited files, so I know well what is needed to get yours across the finish line.


I love helping our Team at Bennett Capital Group provide fast, efficient applications and will do my best to answer all questions you have during the process.

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