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Tracy Bennett and Paul Thornton form our leadership team at Bennett Capital Group.

We are here to offer a customized, virtual, or in-person meeting, whatever works best for the client.


For our virtual process, we have an online client portal to upload and keep your documentation attached to your mortgage application. This reduces the paper printed but allows us to communicate directly with the lender and get you to the finish line faster.


The White Glove Service not only assists you to complete your mortgage conditions faster but allows the lender to as well. This efficiency allows us to reduce our costs and pass those savings back on to you, the client. The higher the efficiency reduces your stress as well as the lenders! It is a win-win! 

Our Experience


With over 50 years of combined underwriting and funding experience, you will get this expertise and negotiation power on every application.


We have the experience to get your deal done, but also the relationships and knowledge of all lenders and products, which is important for getting a deal approved.


Paul and I work closely behind the scenes as well, ensuring that the conditions are removed to fund, but work with your realtor and lawyer to ensure they are kept in the loop. Realtors and lawyers like our hands-on approach to ensure that our clients fund on time every time. 


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Tracy Bennett starts with the initial application process, where she reviews the application to determine the needs and requirements for financing. Once this is complete the request to upload documentation is provided and then automation takes over to follow us to the file completion and funding stages. You have 2 people to contact and you have us committed to completing the process with teamwork and experience.


Our relationship with the lenders allows us to get exceptions for unique situations and to get deals approved that may need a stronger packaging system than you could not do on your own. This White Glove Service is the same for all credit and income situations.



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We are committed to providing a teamwork process to our clients and are here to assist our agents to close their deals as well. Being part of a team has advantages as we get to pool our volumes and our agents have access to the same VIP and status rates and commission structures they would not have as newer agents. Our Leadership Team works with our agents to provide lender training and support to ensure that all deals get placed in the product that is best suited for their needs. They get access to this same White Glove Service within Bennett Capital Group.