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Why not have the house the way you want it, finished the way you like it right after closing?

We can assist a homeowner with as little as 5% down on properties under 500K and up to 10% of the amount required up to a million. The property can be one or 2 units.


If you wish to purchase a property of 3-4 units you will require 10% down. The property will have to be owner-occupied under these programs.

The lending value is based on the lesser of the improved value or the sum of the purchase price plus the direct costs of the improvements.


The full amount of the upgrades are advanced to your lawyer on closing. These funds remain in the lawyer’s trust account until the renovations are confirmed completely to the lender. This can be done by a letter from the contractor or an appraiser inspection to verify the work is completed. Once the lender verifies the work is done, they notify your lawyer to release the funds. The funds are then released to you for the renovations.


This program allows you to finance renovations on a home at first mortgage rates. This is more favorable than using a credit card or an unsecured line of credit. It allows you to have the house finished the way you want right at closing!


We will walk you through this process and get the renovations you want and make it the house of your dreams!


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Make your mortgage work for you!