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Yields Spike. Fixed Rates May Follow.
 April 21 2015     Posted by Tracy Bennett

If you’re house hunting or thinking of refinancing, and you don’t have a mortgage rate hold, consider getting one.

Canada’s 5-year bond yield just pierced a 3-month high. That means—barring a big reversal—there’s a good likelihood that fixed rates will ratchet higher. (Bond yields steer fixed mortgage pricing, most of the time.)

A few lenders have already announced higher rates earlier today—with increases of 5-10 basis points on longer fixed terms.


In less than a month the mortgage industry’s pricing benchmark (the 5-year GoC) has surged 33 basis points from its recent lows. That’s thanks in part to:

  • a brightening picture south of the border, including:
  • lower perceived global risk (which reduces demand for “safe” government bonds)
  • technical-related bond selling.

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