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Planning A Move? Go In Prepared With This Checklist
 March 10 2016     Posted by Heather Maitland

Whether you're planning to move in the next 8 weeks or you've already moved – use this checklist to make sure you're fully prepared. A well organized and planned move can greatly reduce the stress and contribute to a wonderful way to start life in your new home. The following check list can help you stay organized. 


6 - 8 weeks before your move: 

checklist Make moving arrangements with professional moving company or truck rental agency 

checklist Make a floor plan of the new house and plan where everything will go

checklist Get packing supplies – tape, boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap and markers

checklist Clean out closets, basement and garage

checklist Arrange to transfer your household insurance to your new home

checklist Make arrangements with utility companies at your new location to start services on the date of your arrival

checklist Advise post office of new address and effective date:


       Send change of address to: 

       checklist Telephone company 

       checklist Insurance company 

       checklist Bank and credit card companies 

       checklist Hydro, gas or oil companies 

       checklist Cable television company 


2 - 4 weeks before your move: 

checklist Stop or transfer newspaper and other home deliveries

checklist Obtain school, medical and dental records 

checklist Obtain veterinarian records for pets 

checklist Reserve elevator if moving from an apartment


A few days before your move: 

checklist Complete packing. Make sure boxes are clearly marked with the room they will go in 

checklist Place important documents in a safe box that you will carry yourself 

checklist Prepare an “open first” box with basic necessities for your first night in the new home 

checklist Label keys for new occupants


Moving Day: 

checklist Check all rooms and closets to make sure nothing has been left behind 

checklist Ensure electrical are unplugged and thermostats turned down 

checklist Leave labeled keys with the landlord, solicitor or real estate agent 

checklist Check that you have keys to every lock in your new home. Make sure the utilities are on and working properly in your new home 

checklist Provide movers with the floor plan 

checklist Check the condition of each box or household item as it is unloaded and mark damages


After your Move: 

checklist Change the address on your health card, driver's license and car insurance



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