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Region of Waterloo Swim Club (ROW) Gearing Up for 11th Annual Bennett Capital Money Meet
 March 3 2016     Posted by Heather Maitland

On May 14-15th the Region of Waterloo Swim Club (ROW) will host the 11th annual Bennett Capital Money Meet. Bennett Capital began sponsoring the meet in 2006 in an effort to generate excitement about the sport and provide extra incentive for the athletes. 


Kids of all ages will race that little bit harder to be one of the top three in each event to win a cash prize. Kids from ages 10-13 (and under) are eligable to win $5 per race, and swimmers 14 years and up can win up to $30 per race, as well as a cash prize for the overall winning relay. There have been swimmers in previous years walking away with over $160 dollars, and other kids with just enough that they've offered to take their coach for a cone at Dairy Queen. Either way, the meet offers the swimmers something different. 


Tracy Bennett, mother of two sons who both swam, knows the dedication these kids have to put in. Her sons spent early mornings and after school hours attending 2-hour long workouts, day after day. While commending the swimmers for the time they've invested into the sport, she also wants to acknowledge all of the hard work the coaches have put in as well. That's why this year the meet will also provide a $100 gift card to the coaches with top SNC swimmer for males and females, as well as coaches that bring their team of 30 swimmers or more.


The money incentive makes things a little more light hearted, but that's just one of the reasons swimmers love coming to the Bennett Capital Money Meet. Hosted at Wilfred Laurier University, the long course pool gives the swimmers a chance to compete in one of the first long course meets of the year, helping them prepare for the long course season ahead. The old saying practice makes perfect does not fall short in the sport of swimming. It's good practice for the swimmers to get use to a different feel in the water, the turning wall, the depth of the pool, and the starting blocks. The Wilfred Laurier University's long-course, 6-lane pool, is unqiue as it has Olympic standard blocks, the perfect venue for the swimmers to get fast race times for more of the upcoming championship long course meets. 


Whether your a competitive swimmer or just like watching the sport, come out on May 14-15th for something a little different in the world of swimming. 


Bennett Capital continues to support the ROW Swim Club for the 11th year of the May Money Meet. This year Bennett Capital is also sponsoring the ROW swimmers traveling to the 2016 Canadian Olympic Trials. This trip will allow the age group swimmers to watch Trials and witness some of our ROW swimmers competing in their first Olympic National Championship. 

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